I'm a Baltimore based photographer with a large portion of my work dedicated to landscape, wildlife, and polo photography..spending most of my professional work life indoors, I prefer to spend my spare time outside and exploring this great country..

Why 19?
Growing up in the 70's in the Baltimore area.. I grew up to appreciate and idolize Johnny Unitas, the ultimate #19..a leader, a winner, and more importantly... a gentlemen.

Why Shoot?
I like to share the places i've been with those that may not be able... I consider myself fortunate to attend certain events, travel to see different parts of the world, and seek out places that catch my eye.

Thank You
Thank you to my friends and family who encourage me to share some of the pictures I've taken.. I'm glad they enjoy them. I continue to try and learn about photography, lighting and the environment.

The pictures on this site were all shot by me.. I hope you also enjoy the images.. thanks for stopping by.. stay tuned as I update my new projects, all the time..

Please contact me if you have specific questions or requests..




PS- Any and all proceeds from my work, if there are any, are donated to the various charities I'm affiliated with, including the MammoJam organization and Work to Ride.

www.mammojam.org  (We are a breast cancer awareness group that uses proceeds from events to purchase mammograms and support programs for Baltimore women in need)

www.worktoride.net  (WTR is a program in the inner city of Philadelphia that teaches kids how to ride horses and play polo, in exchange for work..its run by my friend Lezlie Hiner..and has been featured on HBO)