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Shannon Knox
Thank you for taking the time to capture these awesome moments and for sharing them with us. These are really terrific!! You are really terrific!!
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David Starks(non-registered)
Hey Mike, it's me David!

You know how I feel about your Art, I Love it! I just wanted to say keep up the great work in taking the time in getting up early and getting these stunning shots, you inspire me each and everyday to do my best with my photography, thanks for pushing me, my hero! Your bro photographer and good friend.
Mark Shepperd(non-registered)
Your Photo's are Just So Wonderful !
Shelley Ryan(non-registered)
I hope I can schedule a senior picture for Emma from you! Your pictures are amazing!
Melissa Tillman(non-registered)
You said you weren't a portrait photographer - wrong! You did a great job on our family - our Christmas Cards will be beautiful! Thank you!
Melissa Tillman(non-registered)
I truly think you are one of the most talented photographers I've ever encountered. You have an eye for what will be beautiful and you capture it with your lens! Incredible talent!
The Waddells(non-registered)
Mike, these are amazing! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs with us. We feel very privileged to share them. I can see at least one of those beautiful sunflowers photos making it to the wall in Reese's bedroom at our house. The photos of Baltimore keep the memories of the area fresh.

Keep 'em coming!
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